At last, validation

I just received this exciting email. Looks like my job search is over, this sounds like the right opportunity for me.
We have vacancy in ---- Inc.
We have reviewed your profile, and concluded you are the right person to become
our employee.

If you meet the requirements, please kindly send your respond.

Please NOTE: You must be US citizen
Best regards
Where do I sign up?! If they want my social security number straight away, that probably just means they're serious, right?


  1. Anonymous18:53

    Um, I wouldn't send your SSN. Unless you don't mind having a mortgage magically appear on your credit report.

    Keep looking. I think I'll get word about a new gig next week. Hang in there, keep going.

  2. LOL -- job spam/scam!

  3. Sweet! Can I have a job there too?

    BTW, you know those email scams where they say you've just inherited 100,000,000,000,000.00 British Pounds? I got one via snail mail and the postage said it was about 85 cents to mail... Thought that was worthy of posting on the refrigerator.