Can only go down from here

It has not been a banner day. After a few politely worded, gramatically correct and fully punctuated civil emails to my Professor asking about his grading policy, he offered the clever rebuttal of "You should get over it." Since you're grading me on arbitrary formatting issues that are all or nothing I'll probably fail the class and then I will be so over it. I responded with my own snippy remark that he can give me a grade and doesn't need to rudely dismiss me, but I really wanted to rant on about my tuition dollars, state income tax dollars, and property taxes paying part of his $144k a year salary and that asking for myself (and other students) to be graded on whether we've learned the material and can demonstrate said learning of the material should be sufficient. Grading me on specifics about whether my answers are supposed to be separate from showing my work, and giving me a zero, when you didn't even specify this until after the assignment was in, is less than cool. Following that up with an intentionally snarky email is over the top asshattery.

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  1. Meaningless grading sucks! It's so frustrating.