Low Fat Wrap

  • Thanks to Mind Hacks for the link to this great video: that egotistical neurosurgeon you've all met, and quite funny.
  • Pascale writes a great post about women in male dominated fields being...well, womanly. Or, not womanly enough. Or striking a balance between being womanly and not womanly or whatever ridiculous advice-giving authors tell us we must do this week to succeed.
  • Engineered discusses high school students' expectations in a NYT blog of students getting rejected to their top choices, or sometimes all their choices and placing far too much emphasis on college being "the best four years of your life." All of us who've graduated and grown a little since college know that not to be the case. Certainly there are things we may remember fondly from college, but many of us would not willingly make the trade, or might prefer another block of time in our lives as being our particular best.

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