Thanks For Nothing

Dear You,
You know who you are. You are, I am fairly certain, about to hold me back yet again doing what you think is in my "best interests" but of course implicitly stating you think I don't know what's best for myself. The fact that I know you at all should have helped me. But it hasn't. It's always hurt me. If you didn't know who I am I would be free to go on the path that I think is best and I have seen many people have the freedom to do so. But here I am with you holding me back. You think this is best for me, that these people will be good mentors for me. They are not. They don't care. And if you lecture them on my development they are just going to resent me even more. I am so ready for a change and obviously someone else agrees my skills could be of use and that there would be development for me elsewhere. But once again you're going to hold me back aren't you. I'm dreading the phonecall. Not from you of course, but your name will be mentioned. And we will all have to abide by your decision. Thanks for all your "help".

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